Fluorescent Rodent Tracking Dusts 

This product is used in industrial situations where it is important to be able to identify rodent movements, so the minimum quantities of rodenticides can be used. 
Tolbest's Rodent tracking dust (Fluorescent Tracking Dust) is a specially formulated, non-toxic fine powder that stands out under UV light. A brush is used to apply a small quantity of the fluorescent tracking dust in areas where the rodents have been observed. When the rat or mouse walks over the dust it sticks to their feet and tails. The rodent then leaves behind a trail that can easily be seen under a UV light. Armed with the evidence of where the runs are, the optimum location to place traps and baits can be determined. This will allow you to find, treat and disinfect the access holes. 
Available in both Fluorescent Yellow and Pink. 
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