Drain Tracing Dye 

The range of tracing dyes are used for leak testing, flow tracing and many other applications throughout the UK and Europe. 
The standard drain dye products are available in the colours detailed below. The products are available in both Polyjars and Sachets and can also be offered in liquid form on request. 
Green (Fluoresceine) Drain Tracing Dye 
Orange (Fluorescent Bromafluoresceine) Drain Tracing Dye 
Food Grade Range 
Red E123, Yellow E102, Purple E151, Blue E133 and Orange E110 
The Green (Fluoresceine) drain dye is also available in tablet form. 
Rhodamine WT tracing dye liquid is also available for large scale oceanic and sea water testing where marine life is paramount. Rhoadmine WT is completely safe to wildlife. Please contact us for enquiries regarding Rhoadmine WT. 
All the above tracing dyes are non-toxic but not recommended for human consumption. Please contact us for any information or assistance regarding the above drain tracing dyes. 
You can now also buy these products in our online shop. 
Take a look at our new online shop to see a selection of drain tracing dyes we have available online. If your interested in a product that isn't available online, please contact us. 
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